Join us for the biggest conversation in fintech: Money 20/20 Europe


The Fyorin team is excited to attend Money 20/20 in Amsterdam on 7-9 June, and we hope to see you there! Launched in 2012 by payment and finance veterans from Google, Citi, and TSYS, Money 20/20 is a premier industry event that brings together seasoned experts and emerging leaders in fintech. 


Meet us at Money 20/20 Europe

Fyorin offers a strategic solution for payments, financial operations, and managing international accounts. We partner with digital businesses, financial institutions, finance teams, and business consultants. 

If this sounds like a good fit for you and your organization, we'd love to meet you! Fyorin co-founders James Camilleri (CEO) and Christian Joseph Agius will be at Money 20/20, and you're invited to schedule a quick  meeting

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Money 20/20 show themes

The themes for this year's conference highlight the ways that our international money ecosystem is shifting, and how organisations can survive--and thrive--alongside these changes. 

Back end is out; front end is in.

We were excited to see this on the list of themes, as it's a core principle here at Fyorin. While past generations of fintech companies delivered an impressive tech stack, today you need something different: a seamless, intuitive user experience. After all, core banking functions are a commodity. To stay competitive, your organisation simply must offer more to customers. 

Champions are out, and interoperability is in.

The finance sector is famous for building walls and limiting interoperability. But as consumer expectations change, that model will no longer serve the industry. The companies that will thrive are those that allow customers to navigate their entire financial ecosystem, using a shared technology layer.

Of course the payments system will be a critical piece of infrastructure, particularly for e-commerce, marketplaces, retailers, and payments organisations. 

Acquisition is out. Distribution is in.

Customer acquisition, that is. Gone are the days when financial institutions can simply pay for new customers--that model has proven to be a losing strategy in today's business environment. The most successful fintech companies will be those that use robust end-user platforms as distribution channels. 

Proprietary is out. Standardisation is in. 

Proprietary technology used to be a boon for financial institutions, but these days it's more of a hinderance. Now is the time to embrace open, shared technical standards that put customers' best interests first.

The digital euro plays an important role here because it helps with payment standardization (and we believe multi-currency accounts also can't be overlooked!) Unification and standardisation will start right here in Europe. Eventually open source and infrastructure neutrality will be the norm. 

Ownership is out; permission is in. 

As we put end users' needs first, we'll have to build shared standards for information flow, currency design, and data ownership that enable instant verification and exchange between wallets, entities, and markets. People's payments will become much more closely linked with their identities, which demands a more permission-based approach to financial institutions' use of data and information. 

The agenda for this year's Money 20/20 conference is certainly exciting, and we hope to see you there!


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