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8 Ways to Reduce Friction for E-commerce Customers

Global Payments
James Camilleri
May 27, 2022

Today’s consumers have dramatically different expectations than they did five years ago. While the pandemic has certainly driven some of that shift, advancements in technology–particularly artificial intelligence–have also played an important role. People now expect a faster, more personalized purchasing experience. According to Gartner, ”By 2025, organizations offering unified commerce experience by frictionlessly moving customers through journeys will see at least a 20% uplift in total revenue." Companies delivering frictionless online experiences will not only generate greater revenue but will also ensure that customers remain loyal and content with the services being offered.

In this article, we discuss 8 ways to reduce friction for customers with actionable examples.

Faster Loading Speed

We have all been told that first impressions are extremely important to how other individuals perceive us. The same is true for a website - if a potential lead clicks on your website and it takes time to load, chances are that they will abandon the site before they even have a chance to view it.

In a digital age where everything is available at your fingertips it should come as little surprise that 53% of people will leave a mobile site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. If the loading time reaches 6 seconds, the bounce rate increases to 103%!

By prioritizing the speed at which a website loads, you’ll leave a positive first impression. The faster the loading speed, the lower the chances of a potential lead bouncing and, in the long run, it will reduce friction and increase revenue.

2. Decrease Clicks Per Page

Smart devices such as TVs, phones, watches, and even kitchen appliances have made the lives of individuals easier by decreasing the number of buttons and actions that they must go through to achieve the desired result. So when a potential lead comes across an eCommerce webpage, the same is expected.

Streamlining the number of clicks a user must navigate through on your eCommerce website enhances the convenience and efficiency of their journey. Fewer clicks reduce customer friction and increase the likelihood of conversions. Minimizing the need for extensive clicking also keeps customers focused, decreasing the chances of distractions leading to site abandonment.

3. Make Your Site Smart-Device Friendly

In today's world, smartphones and other smart devices can be spotted in the hands of nearly everyone. Despite this, not every website is designed to fit the small handheld screens. A mobile-friendly design reduces friction for customers who predominantly browse on their smartphones.

Another added feature that could be considered when making a website mobile-friendly is the ability to continue browsing on multiple devices. Some websites are compatible from screen to screen, reducing the friction and bounce rate when an individual decides to switch devices.

4. Personalize User Experience

In the past two years, many experiences that were once in-person have made the switch to online. Though this has brought a new level of convenience, the one thing that consumers miss the most is the personalized experience that they once received from an in-person service.

Personalizing a user experience can reduce friction and foster a long-term relationship with the customer. This can be done by personalizing a welcome email or making suggestions based on that individual's likes and dislikes. Thanks to this, you’re likely to generate a 15% boost in profits and effectively stand out from the competition.

5. Cross-Border Payments: Support Multiple Currencies and Payment Options

As an eCommerce company, it's important to offer the prices of goods and services in multiple currencies. This not only eases customers' questions and concerns but it offers an added layer of transparency. Offering different payment options can also expand the list of countries your business can sell to.

Not knowing how much something costs in the currency that someone is used to can be alarming and confusing. However, if the price of the goods or services is already adjusted to showcase the currency of the country your customer is from then they won’t be so quick to abandon the cart.

Allowing multi-currency checkout and multiple payment options takes away uncertainties and the hassle of having to convert the currency themselves and the hesitance of doing it incorrectly. Customers will be able to make an informed decision on what they wish to purchase, reducing friction and bounce rates.

6. Optimize Checkout

Optimizing the checkout page to make the final step of the buying process frictionless is another thing to consider. A single-page checkout is usually more user-friendly. With less navigation between multiple pages, customers will feel more comfortable and less distracted as they can see all of their information at once.

Another thing to consider on a checkout page is enabling smart form filling. Smart form filling uses a shipping address predictor tool as well as Google Autofill to ensure fewer errors when inputting personal information. Enabling error notifications to spot errors on the go can also be beneficial in avoiding simple mistakes. Lastly, adding a small checkbox to allow users to select the same address as the shipping address speeds up the checkout process while eliminating the chances of user errors. These tools make checkout an efficient, quick, and error-free activity, not only decreasing the chances of cart abandonment but increasing the chances of conversion as well.

7. Offer Payment Plans

Depending on the products that an eCommerce site is selling, you could consider offering payment plans to reduce bounce rates and friction. If a customer likes the products being offered, chances are that they will be happy to pay for them. Some individuals however may not have all the funds upfront to do so.

Offering payment plans that split up the cost of a product into multiple, smaller interest-free payments can be greatly beneficial for businesses and keep customers happy. There are multiple third-party businesses that one can partner with that will allow this frictionless process at checkout. This eases customers' financial concerns and allows them to access a product that may not have had access to previously.

8. Prioritize the Post-Purchase Experience

Retaining satisfied customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Prioritizing the post-purchase experience by sending personalized thank-you notes and providing excellent customer support can significantly reduce friction and keep customers coming back. Returning customers are five times more likely to make additional purchases and four times more likely to refer friends.

Final note

In a world that has swiftly transitioned from in-person to online interactions, customer insights from the past two years have illuminated the path to reducing friction and maintaining customer loyalty. Consider partnering with Fyorin, a company dedicated to minimizing friction in customer experiences and improving your business's bottom line.

Get in touch with us by sending an email to [email protected] and let us know how we can help.

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