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Streamlining global financial operations

Fyorin are at the forefront of technology innovating business banking and financial operations. We are your trusted partner in making global money movements faster, more securely and efficiently.

Our Story

In the process of scaling other online businesses across various industries, our founders became frustrated with business banking, both from an SME and a financial institution perspective. In general, businesses interact with several financial services to handle their end-to-end business banking needs, especially when operating internationally. However, this is a time-consuming and expensive process. Due to the financial hurdles they would have to go through, most small and medium-sized businesses and financial

institutions are unable to achieve their full potential or miss out on certain business opportunities. Our knowledge of business banking is that it is hard, unnecessarily complicated, and certainly not frictionless. Our founders took these experiences and combined them with their diverse knowledge to create a company that will disrupt the current business banking model and make business financial operations easier than ever before.

Our Winning Team

An inspirational and rewarding experience which helped me appreciate the amazing teamwork and collaborative spirit at the heart of every successful startup journey.And yes, we celebrated some well-deserved awards along the way!
Clive Ciappara
Senior Front-End Developer


Meet our founders
James Camilleri
CEO, Co-founder
Christian Joseph Agius
CFO/COO, co-founder
Brian Vella
CTO, Co-founder

Our Vision

As digitalisation speeds up, there is an increased demand for swift, flexible, and frictionless banking services. Our belief is that this can only be achieved by various financial partners collaborating to build a financial ecosystem. By doing so, financial institutions can leverage each other's strengths, which, in turn, increases their value to their corporate clients.

Our vision is to build a platform for better business banking in the form of a global ecosystem, that will allow financial institutions, including banks, to enhance their value propositions or increase their revenue.

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