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Your partner for global payroll & hiring

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Send salary payments in 220+ currencies, to 200 countries
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Single onboarding & one portal to access multiple geographies
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Streamline compliance & simplify business banking with our network of global financial institutions

One financial operations platform to send payroll & help you hire internationally 

With your employees working around the globe, your financial operations should be borderless. Fyorin brings a global network of financial institutions and an efficient, cost-effective payments technology to make global payroll and hiring hassle-free. 

Simplified compliance & business banking

With one compliance and onboarding process you can expand your global footprint and get connected with the right banking partner, according to your needs. Expand your global operations with local accounts to transact globally like a local. 

Automated Accounts Payable

Centralise global and local bills in one platform. Speed up month’s end processes with instant reconciliation of payroll payments thanks to a two-way sync with the accounting tool.

Unified Treasury management 

Get a complete view of your accounts across all financial institutions and currencies on one platform. Consolidate fragmented data, increase reporting speed and diversify liquidity risk across our network of global financial institutions. 


Faster money movement globally

Pay your employees and staff regardless of where they are. Tap into our global network of financial institutions to send & exchange funds instantly in over 220+ currencies, as easily as you would locally. Lower your FX exposure and save money on exchange fees.

Streamlined payroll in multiple currencies

Put an end to late salary payments. Thanks to the access to local payment rails such as SWIFT, ACH, SEPA and others, salaries will reach employee accounts in less than 24 hours. 

Payments API

Leverage our technology expertise & payment infrastructure directly into your workflow. Scale automation and management of global money movement with our global payments API. 


Two-way integration with your tools

Fyorin simplifies the accounts payable and receivable workflows to cut down time spent on manual reconciliation and data entry with a two way sync to the accounting software of your choice.



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