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Seamlessly connect to your Bank

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Get a complete unified view of your transactions across all accounts
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Speed up the reconciliation process
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Unify your treasury reporting across different banks

Get a complete view of your accounts in one place

Gain a unified view of your funds across all accounts and different currencies, providing you with better insight into transactional data and cash flow for better reporting and decision-making. All in real time, in one place. 

Speed up reconciliation 

Fyorin syncs transactional, including historical, data, from your existing bank accounts, giving you a more complete view of the funds going in and out. No more downloading bank statements, consolidating data from different sources and logging in and out of different institutions. Eliminate 90% of manual reconciliation work. 


Reporting on autopilot 

Stay ahead of the market trends and your reporting duties with automated and scheduled reports. Fyorin can generate balance and transaction reports across all accounts as well as your connected banks to give you a complete rundown of your business's financial health. Get the report directly into your inbox with the daily, weekly or monthly scheduling. 

How it works

Log in to Fyorin and go to the ‘External’ tab
Click on Connect
Choose your bank, log in and authenticate
See your transactions and all bank details being pulled into Fyorin

Vendor details

Fyorin pulls and syncs all vendor details from your bank. With that you don’t have to manually enter the vendor details twice.

Connecting your external bank accounts to Fyorin gives you real-time access to your transaction history. We offer detailed information such as transaction dates, amounts, payees, and transaction categories and make it easier for you to reconcile or build reports.
Account details
Your complete account details, including currency, IBANs, balance, overdrafts and any pending payments will be automatically synced and updated in real time so you keep an eye on your cash position without logging in directly to the bank
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