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Seamlessly connect to Sage

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Reconcile invoices automatically
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Put an end to manual data entry
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Automate your Accounts Payable

Speed up account payables in different currencies

Every time you create a bill in Sage it will automatically appear in Fyorin and sync all details. We will create the payment, so all you have to do is to approve or bulk approve. Once the payment is executed we will match it to the transaction and mark it off as paid in Sage.


Get paid faster with automated receivables

Send payment links from Fyorin and pick sub-accounts or IBAN to receive funds. We will make sure you get paid on time and send reminders when payment is overdue. As soon as the funds arrive, we automatically create an invoice in Sage for you.

How it works

Log in to Fyorin and go to Connect Apps
Choose the Accounting Software you want to sync
Log in to Sage and authenticate
Map the bank accounts in Sage with Fyorin

Vendor details
Fyorin pulls and syncs all vendor details from Sage. With that you don’t have to manually enter the vendor details twice
Fyorin pulls all unpaid bills from Sage and creates the payment so all you have to do is approve. If you’re paying the same supplier, you can streamline the process and merge the payment.
Once an incoming payment is received into a bank account with an IBAN you’d picked, we will create an invoice in Sage and make it as paid or partially paid.
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