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Private Jet Management

Global Financial Operations for Aviation

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Access to a global network of over 220+ financial institutions to manage your FX risk
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Unified treasury management to streamline compliance & diversify liquidity
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Fast and efficient financial operations in multiple currencies

Efficient, reliable and fast multi-currency financial operations.

Fyorin gives you one platform to manage treasury across multiple financial institutions and expedite b2b cross-border payments fast and securely regardless of the currency. 

Bank like a local with a Global Wallet

Tap into our global network of 220+ currencies to send, receive and exchange funds just like you would locally directly from the platform or through global payments API. 

Automated financial operations

Save time and improve operational efficiency by automating accounts payable and receivable thanks to a two-way sync with the accounting tool.

Simplified Cards Accounting

Get fully itemized data (level 3) for every card to help you speed up reconcilation. Together with invoices for each card payment.

Unified treasury management

Fyorin operates on top of a global network of financial institutions. Consolidate fragmented data across banks and move money between your accounts, scale and keep your funds safe.

Cards for flight crew & fuel cards

Issue virtual & plastic fuel cards, crew expense cards or to easily for fees and any other expenses.  Schedule card top-ups, increase card limit and set up custom controls to eliminate fraud.

Fast B2B cross-border payments

Fyorin lets you process payments faster, regardless of the currency or available payment options. Cut down on exchange fees and operational costs and improve the bottom line.

Two-way integration with your accounting tools

Fyorin simplifies the accounts payable and receivable workflows to cut down time spent on manual reconciliation and data entry with a two way sync to the accounting software of your choice.



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