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Treasury Management

Unified treasury platform for global businesses

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Real-time visibility into cash flow across different bank accounts, currencies and subsidiaries
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Diversify your treasury across a network of financial institutions from one platform
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Bank with multiple financial institutions as you would with one

Treasury, cash & liquidity management - all under one roof

Unify and elevate your treasury. Empower your financial team to seamlessly navigate global financial operations with flexibility and speed, diversify liquidity risks for greater control and stability, and gain a 100% view of your cash position for data-driven and proactive decisions.

Diversify liquidity risks

Safeguard company assets in volatile markets. Diversify liquidity risk thanks to our network of financial institutions and manage FX exposure. Ensure greater stability of your business’s financial health in any conditions. 

Data-driven & agile decision making

Real-time visibility of your cash position and spending in one place empowers you to make data-driven decisions on the spot with our cash management solutions. Be proactive rather than reactive - take advantage of opportunities and respond to market shifts with speed.


Unify your financial data for 100% visibility

Gain a 100%, real-time view of your cash position. Fyorin streamlines your financial operations by automatically aggregating and centralising data from multiple financial institutions and sources for accurate and fast forecasting. Less blind spots, more confidence.


Simplify operations across multiple banks

Improve profitability by controlling FX fees and banking fees by consolidating data in one treasury platform  and bank with multiple institutions as easily you would with one. Fyorin lets you manage your existing bank relationships as effortlessly as you would be banking with one operator, conveniently and efficiently.

Scale globally with Fyorin

Opportunities for growth
Fyorin allows businesses to access a diverse network of global financial institutions from a single platform. By centralizing financial operations and streamlining payments, Fyorin provides the flexibility needed to explore new markets, scale operations, and expand internationally with ease.
Save time
With Fyorin, you can unify you financial data across various institutions, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual reconciliations and data gathering. This streamlined approach allows finance teams to redirect their focus towards strategic decision-making and growth.
Improve bottom line

By efficiently managing treasury diversification, optimizing cash management and forecasting, and minimizing manual workload through automation, Fyorin helps you reduce operational costs and enhance profitability. Make data-driven financial decisions, ensuring that every transaction positively impacts the bottom line.


What our clients say about us...
We picked Fyorin as our financial operations partner because of their efficient and fast onboarding process, user-friendly banking platform and professional customer service. Fyorin has removed all barriers a business would otherwise experience in a traditional banking environment.
Nicholas Borg Calleja
Marine Hound
Fyorin has helped us save plenty of time through the use of virtual cards - an easy way to manage company spend - whilst also allowing us to empower our people and speed up the approval process. Highly recommended if you're looking for a simple solution to everyday finances.
Patrick Cutajar
The ease of transactions, creating credit cards, and managing multiple currencies are standout features. Fyorin's ability to handle various transactions efficiently is commendable.
Rodger Williams
Elite Group
With Fyorin it’s easy for us to just send over the local payment details to our US clients and receive payment in USD. There's a number of service providers we need to pay in the UK so being able to quickly exchange the funds into GBP and do the payments is another benefit. All these payments go through very quickly.
Andrei-Andy Linnas


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