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Common pitfalls in managing global financial operations and how to avoid them?

Karolina Jarosinska
February 21, 2024

According to a recent Mastercard report, 51% of SMEs are now conducting more international business as compared to 2021, and 75% plan on expanding international trade in the future. In spite of that, many of those businesses still struggle with global financial operations - transparency, security, speed of transfers, high fees and fragmented financial data and compliance, all of which make global expansion laborious and costly. To establish and continue expanding cross-border operations, businesses must be aware of common pitfalls when dealing with their finances and take proactive measures to avoid them.

Join our fast-paced panel discussion with the CEO and co-founder of Fyorin, James Camilleri and our special guest, Ayman Kaouri from Scope to learn how you can protect your business from the common pitfalls of cross-border financial operations and excel when scaling globally.

In this webinar our experts discuss key questions around:

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How to reduce the high fees associated with cross-border payments and mitigate the risk of FX exposure?

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When trading in multiple currencies with suppliers and clients around the world, how can you improve operational efficiency and speed of payments?

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What is the best way to streamline compliance processes when expanding into new markets and finding right banking partners?

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How to improve visibility and control over cash when financial data is spread across multiple systems?

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How to improve the financial management of the global workforce- including expenses and payroll?

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