Stand out

from the crowd

Speed-up the time-to-market to launch Fintech like innovative financial products for your corporate clients.


Offer a white-label solution

Select the financial partners from our network whom you would like to partner with, in order to launch financial products at lighting speed to your corporate clients alongside your existing ones.

Connect your siloed products

Connect your siloed products into a unified experience without deep integrations. Our technology sits on top of your core products.

You will benefit from a streamlined compliance process and end-to-end visibility of the movement of funds across all your products and financial partners. In return, your corporate clients also benefit from the ability to interact with different products seamlessly.

With Fyorin connect your siloed products
Fyorin, more visibility less risk for financial institutions

More visibility, less risk

Currently, you lack the end-to-end visibility between the originating remitter and the end beneficiary or supplier since the financial system is disconnected.

With our technology, you can follow the money and have access to your clients' full activity across various financial providers. Put your mind at rest that your clients are completely compliant, whilst enabling you to build a complete profile of your customers.


Generate more revenue

Don’t just offer your product in isolation. Leverage our network of financial institutions to provide complementary products that deliver additional value to your clients and create a new, commission-based revenue stream for your business.

generate more revenue

A smooth way to safeguard client funds

We understand that safeguarding client funds is an operational challenge, especially as you scale up your business and operate international funds flows.

With us, funds are safeguarded by the relevant financial entity participating in the transaction, so the liability is passed over to you at the point of need. This saves you an enormous amount of capital you would otherwise require for capital adequacy and treasury, when you're experiencing rapid growth.


Let's launch and scale
financial products together