Turn geographical borders into horizons. With Fyorin, you can send and receive money globally, as a local, from Day One. 


Business account opening

Create multi-currency business accounts in 40+ different currencies to start sending and receiving SEPA, Faster Payments, ACH and International payments. All our accounts have a dedicated IBAN under your company name.

Opening a Business Account
Mass Payments

Mass payments 

Save time when paying your suppliers locally or internationally. With one file upload, you can pay your suppliers across different currencies and payment methods. You can also execute payments across your entire group of companies by one-file upload.

Request payments

Get paid quickly by easily requesting payment from your clients.  Your clients can also pay you using their preferred payment method: card, account-to-account or any other local payment method. Set recurring payment requests so that you are always on top of your cashflow.

Request Payments
Schedule Payments

Schedule payments

Process all your payments with ease for future dates and make sure that you will never miss an important payment again. 

Currency exchange

Use our multi-currency business account to exchange between one currency and another. In order to ensure that you always get the best FX rate, we only charge a small and transparent fee, which varies based on the selected pricing package, on top of the mid-market rate.

Fair & Transparent Exchange Rate

How does it work?

Step 1 Fyorin

Step 1

Verify your business and deposit your first funds into your multi-currency business account

Step 1 Fyorin

Step 2

Invite team members and setup the permissions you require across the different financial products

Step 3 Fyorin

Step 3

Start sending and receive payments in different currencies using your dedicated IBAN

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