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Accounting integrations for global financial operations

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Connect your accounting tool to Fyorin and automate accounts payable and receivable
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Save time by reducing manual work and reduce risk of manual errors
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Bring all your financial operations under one roof to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Save time and increase efficiency with integrated accounting

With a two-way sync, Fyorin seamlessly connects to accounting tools such as Xero, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics and more. Automate invoice processing, reduce manual work and errors in receivables and payables and scale your global operations with one tool.

All bills in one place

All unpaid bills, domestic and international, are pulled from your accounting software and gathered in one place, giving you a clear picture of upcoming expenses. A bill can also be manually uploaded to the platform to be replicated automatically in an accounting tool.  

Automated payments

Our system automatically creates payments based on beneficiary details, so all you need to do is approve them. With integrated accounting and access to our global network of financial institutions with over 220+ currencies, you can automate global payments.

Touchelss reconciliation

Automate invoice processing and reconciliation for accounts payable and receivable. As soon as a payment has been executed or an incoming payment has been received into a bank account with the IBAN you chose, we'll mark it as paid or partially paid. 

Seamless audit preparation & month end

Accounting integrations with your favourite tools lets you access real-time financial data across multiple currencies. Streamline month end process and prepare for an audit with confidence that everything is correct. 

Reduce operational costs

With all financial operations and integrated accounting on one platform you can forget about multiple tools and logins. Reduce subscriptions, streamline operations, and significantly minimise costs.

Eliminate manual work and risk of errors 

With less manual data entry when processing payments and reconciling invoices, as well as seamless multi-currency operations, you can reduce the risk of errors that eat into your profits and efficiency

Two-way accounting integration with your favourite tools 

Fyorin simplifies accounts payable and receivable thanks to a two-way sync with accounting tools of your choice.


What our wonderful clients say about us...
Fyorin has helped us save plenty of time through the use of virtual cards - an easy way to manage company spend - whilst also allowing us to empower our people and speed up the approval process. Highly recommended if you're looking for a simple solution to everyday finances.
Patrick Cutajar
The ease of transactions, creating credit cards, and managing multiple currencies are standout features. Fyorin's ability to handle various transactions efficiently is commendable.
Rodger Williams
Elite Group
We picked Fyorin as our financial operations partner because of their efficient and fast onboarding process, user-friendly banking platform and professional customer service. Fyorin has removed all barriers a business would otherwise experience in a traditional banking environment.
Nicholas Borg Calleja
Marine Hound
With Fyorin processing payroll and sending salary payments faster, more secure and more accurate - within the Fyorin account clients can see the exact amount they are going to send before hitting the approve button. Something that was not straightforward before.
Jonathan Mifsud
Buddy HR


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