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SKsoft vs Fyorin

SKsoft vs Fyorin

Compare Fyorin & SKsoft based on efficiency of automated payables, receivables, fees, financial operations functionality and other benefits.

Fyorin vs SKsoft feature comparison

Fyorin and SKsoft both offer automated financial operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to streamline automated payables, receivables and treasury operations. There are, however, some key differences. Use the table below to get a comprehensive overview of the differences between Fyorin and SKsoft when it comes to available features.
Fyorin 2
Global Wallet - 220+ currencies
Domestic payment routes
Dedicated account
Automated payables
Bulk payments
Automated payroll
Automated receivables
Expense Management with automated posting in Dynamics
Cash rebate on card spend transaction
Connect existing bank accounts
Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration
Unified Treasury management across different financial institutions
Diversification of liquidity risk
API capabilities
Buy now pay later
Pay via your existing bank

About SKsoft
The SKsoft platform connects businesses to their banks and Microsoft Dynamics 365, automating treasury and banking operations and increasing control, efficiency, and productivity. By using SKsoft, SMBs can streamline accounts payable, receivable, risk and supplier management, reconciliation, and get an overview of their treasury in one place for more accurate, real-time reporting.
About Fyorin
In contrast to SKsoft, Fyorin is comprehensive financial operations solution that, in addition to integrating with existing banks and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automate treasury and accounting processes, allows SMBs to automate cross-border payments and simplify global banking across 220+ currencies and 200 countries through a network of global financial institutions. Also, you can diversify your liquidity risk, gain a comprehensive view of your treasury in one place and manage expenses with virtual cards that give you cash back when you spend.
Key differences

Accounts Payable Automation

SKsoft and Fyorin both offer accounts payable automation solutions that streamline payments and eliminate manual work.  A two-way sync with Dynamics 365 streamlines approvals, streamlines payments, and eliminates manual reconciliation. The key difference lies in the payment process. SKsoft requires you to bring your existing banks in order to process payments, while Fyorin lets you do it directly from the platform, through the global wallet, as well as through your existing bank accounts. 

Accounts Receivable Automation

Fyorin and SKsoft offer accounts receivable solutions with integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365, the ability to create links and invoices directly from the platform, and the functionality to track payments. Besides basic receivables, Fyorin's accounts receivable solution offers Sub-Accounts. Sub-accounts come with a dedicated IBAN and incoming payments are automatically segregated to help manage cash flow and reporting.

Accounts Receivable Automation

Bill and Fyorin offer accounts receivable solutions with integrated accounting, the ability to create links and invoices directly from the platform, and the functionality to track payment progress. Bill and Fyorin differ primarily in the tools they integrate with - Fyorin offers a wider range of integrations than Bill. Conversely, Tipalti does not offer any accounts receivable solutions. 

Global Payments & Diversification of Treasury

In contrast to SKsoft, where businesses can only conduct payments and treasury operations through pre-existing financial institutions, Fyorin gives you the opportunity to bank with multiple institutions as you would with one. This allows you to access 220+ currencies and automate payments globally without the need to build and maintain multiple banking relationships. Using Fyorin, you can easily diversify your treasury risk as your business grows and protect your long-term financial health. 

Spend management & cards

Fyorin offers a solution that SKsoft lacks entirely - business expense management. You can issue business and employee cards to better control and monitor spending and eliminate out-of-pocket expenses. Cards from Fyorin come with a high initial limit which makes them suitable for large purchases. In addition, they come at 0% transaction costs and you receive cash back on every purchase, allowing you to improve your bottom line.