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Tipalti vs Bill vs Fyorin

Tipalti vs vs Fyorin

Compare Fyorin, Tipalti and Bill based on efficiency of automated global payments, fees, financial operations functionality and other benefits.

Fyorin vs Tipalti vs Bill feature comparison

Fyorin, Tipalti and Bill offer automated accounts payable, receivable, spend management and other solutions to help global businesses streamline their financial operations. There are, however, some key differences. Use the table below to get a comprehensive view of the feature differences between Fyorin, Tipalti and Bill when it comes to available features.
Global wallet
Domestic payment routes
Dedicated account
Automated payables
Bulk payments
Automated payroll
Automated receivables
Virtual cards
Cash rebate on virtual card spend
Connecting to existing accounts
Accounting tool integration
Unified Treasury management across different financial institutions
Diversification of liquidity risk
API capabilities
Management of different entities under the same group from one portal

About Tipalti
With Tipalti, businesses can eliminate manual accounts payable processes from start to finish by using accounts payable, procurement, and expense management solutions. Businesses in the US and UK use Tipalti to automate and streamline invoice collection, supplier onboarding, PO matching, approval, payments, and reconciliation processes. The software also offers expense solutions with employee cards to control spending and improve bottom line with cash rebate.
About is a financial operations platform for SMBs that focuses on automating accounts payable, receivable and spend management. The platform provides integrated accounting which streamlines the collection of bills, approvals, reconciliations on the payable side, as well as invoicing, tracking, and client relationship management on the receivable side. As part of its spend management module, also offers cards for employee and business expenses.
About Fyorin
Unlike Bill and Tipalti, Fyorin is not just an AP/AR automation platform - we bring together a network of global financial institutions to offer businesses access to more than 220 currencies, 200 countries, and local payment rails to eliminate the hassle of global business banking. You can also diversify your liquidity risk easily, gain a comprehensive view of your treasury in one place, automate payables and receivables thanks to integrations with accounting tools, manage expenses with virtual cards and improve the bottom line with the cash rebate.
Key differences


Tipalti AP & procurement starts at 129 USD / month, but additional features can be added on top of the monthly subscription. The cost of actually processing the cross-border payments through your bank connected to the platform should also be considered. Fees for are lower, starting at 79 USD for AP & AR package and free Spend Management, however there are additional transaction costs. As with Tipalti, you also need to consider your bank's international payment fees. Fyorin's pricing packages can be customised to meet your business needs and provide you with cost-effective global payments at the best FX rates. 

Accounts Payable Automation

Tipalti, Bill, and Fyorin all offer accounts payable automation solutions that streamline payments and eliminate manual work.  With a 2-way-sync, they integrate with accounting platforms and other tools to centralise bills in one location, streamline approvals, streamline payments, and eliminate manual reconciliation. The key difference lies in the details. Among the three platforms, Bill has the fewest integrations and no payment capabilities. In contrast, Fyorin allows you to pay in over 220+ currencies directly from the platform, rather than connecting your external bank or logging in. 

Accounts Receivable Automation

Bill and Fyorin offer accounts receivable solutions with integrated accounting, the ability to create links and invoices directly from the platform, and the functionality to track payment progress. Bill and Fyorin differ primarily in the tools they integrate with - Fyorin offers a wider range of integrations than Bill. Conversely, Tipalti does not offer any accounts receivable solutions. 

Spend management & cards

Bill, Tipalti, and Fyorin all provide expense management and cards. For better control and visibility of spending and elimination of out-of-pocket expenses, you can issue business and employee cards. The main difference lies in the costs and limits associated with the cards. Fyorin cards have a high out-of-the box limit which is suitable for large purchases, come at 0% transaction cost and give you cash back every time you spend. 

Global Payments & Diversification of Treasury

Unlike Tipalti and Bill, Fyorin has the unique advantage of providing businesses with the ability to bank with multiple financial institutions as if they were banking with one. This allows you to access 220+ currencies and automate payments globally. Fyorin operates on top of a network of global financial institutions, so you can easily diversify your treasury risk as your business grows and protects your long-term financial health.