Virtual Cards

Better manage and track your online spending on ads, subscriptions, corporate purchasing, or employee expenses.

Payment Approval Workflow

Seamlessly manage expenses

Issue unlimited single-use or multiple-spend cards for your employees or any online spending so that you can easily track costs. You can link virtual cards directly with a multi-currency account or sub-account.

Simplify Reconciliation

Easily combine metadata with the every virtual card you create. Then use the metadata to quickly identify a transaction during the reconciliation process such as ‘booking ref.’ or ‘campaign no’. The metadata information will be visible in the reconciliation report to help you to close the books faster.

Easily separate your receivables
Control Spending (1)

Control spending

Set up virtual card restrictions in just a few clicks. You can restrict a virtual card by merchant, merchant category, time of day, or value. You'll have complete peace of mind that you’re always on top of your corporate spending.

Track your online subscriptions

Create a virtual card for every online subscription, and set rules when it needs to be topped up. You can easily keep track of all your subscriptions while making sure that you never miss another important payment again.

Track your online subscriptions

How it works

step 1 Fyorin

Step 1

Open a multi-currency account and deposit funds into your dedicated IBAN account.

Step 12 Fyorin

Step 2

Create unlimited cards and link then to a multi-currency account or sub-account.

Step 3 Fyorin

Step 3

Use single-use or multi-spend virtual cards everywhere online where card payments are accepted.



What cards and currencies are supported?

You can create cards in EUR and GBP as of today, and we will be adding more very soon.

Where can I use Fyorin virtual cards?

A virtual debit card can be used anywhere online where the card brand of your card is accepted. You can have different virtual cards for media buying, IT hosting, subscriptions, or any other online shopping.

How many virtual cards can I create?

To better control your spending and speed up reconciliation, it is good practice to create virtual cards for different transactions.

Can my marketing team have access to create cards?

Absolutely! Your marketing team can have access to create virtual cards. To have better control, you can create a sub-account and deposit funds. Set rights and permissions on the sub-account and virtual card limits as necessary. Invite your marketing team to the Fyorin platform so that they can start to create virtual cards linked to the sub-account you established. The same process could be done for other teams within the company.

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