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Online Webinar: Automation in cross-border financial operations - an overlooked necessity.

Karolina Jarosinska
May 23, 2024

According to a recent Forbes article, around half of global companies still rely on manual payment processes and do not digitise their payment processes. The accounts payable and receivable processes of over 1 in 4 companies are manual and disjointed. Despite borderless operations and innovation in the technology and payments space, why do so many businesses still rely on outdated procedures?

Traditional methods of processing global payments suffer from delays, high costs, and fraud risks, while manual work in accounts payable and receivable puts a burden on financial teams, leads to errors, and strains relationships with suppliers and clients. Automating financial operations is a necessity for global businesses that want to continue to grow and expand, and the implementation should start at an early stage, with the help of trusted suppliers.

During this webinar, our experts address key questions including:
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What stops companies from automating their financial operations?
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What are the key challenges with traditional cross-border payment systems that can be alleviated by automation?
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What are the benefits of automating payments and financial operations?
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Which financial processes can be automated?
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When should companies start automating their financial operations and what are the key attributes they should consider when picking a software provider for automating their processes?
Join our fast-paced panel discussion on the 2nd of July at 12:00 CET, with the CEO and co-founder of Fyorin, James Camilleri and our special guest Tyler Caskey from The Bean Counters and learn how to automate your financial operations from start to finish and what are the key considerations in the process.
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