Payments and Financial operations platform for digital businesses

We automate and monetize your flow of funds across a curated network of financial institutions. 


Fyorin solution

Financial products that makes 
finance operations teams efficient 


Multi-currency accounts

Send, receive and hold money in 40+ different currencies. We help you pay and get paid globally like a local.

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Control Spending (1)
virtual cards

Control online spending

Better manage and track your online spending on ads, subscriptions, corporate purchasing, employee expenses, and more.

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Mass Payments
sub accounts

Speed-up reconciliations

Partition receivables by creating Sub Accounts and Virtual Cards that mirror your accounting ledger.

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Our benefits

tailored business banking

business banking

Get the right financial product tailored to your business model, industry or profile at the point of need, through our network of financial providers.

multi-bank from one platform

Multi- Bank
from one platform

Seamlessly, multi-bank across Fyorin secure network of financial providers, using different financial products as if you are banking with one.

one-time onboarding, Fyorin


Onboard just once to transact across our curated network of financial institutions, technology providers, account services and more.

centralised banking, Fyorin

(coming soon)

Connect your existing bank to Fyorin and set automatic settlement sweeps so that you can still benefit from Fyorin efficient payment operations tools.

Efficient payment operations

Efficient payment

We save you time and simplify your payment operations by enabling you to make transactions globally without having to engage with multiple financial service providers separately. 

streamlined reporting, Fyorin


Access one single reporting structure for all financial institutions and payment products plus automate direct feed into your accounting ledger, set automatic alerts via API or email.

Our unified
financial network

We have built the world’s first single curated network of financial institutions interconnected together through Fyorin’s technology to establish a  unified and one-time onboarding process across a curated network of financial institutions. This enables us to offer you tailored business banking, while building one comprehensive profile of yourself, which translates into a  better payment processing experience.      

Our member partners enjoy complete transactional visibility across multiple financial institutions, translating into a complete customer profile of their clients.  

17. Worlds first Single curated network of financial institutions 2

Smart business banking in 3 steps



Step 1

Verify your business and start using your dedicated multi-currency account to send and receive funds.

Step 2 Fyorin

Step 2

Invite your team members and setup the permissions you require for better control.

Step 3 Fyorin

Step 3

Start making use from any financial products you require tailored for your needs.

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