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What's working capital and how to optimise it

Optimising working capital is a CFO's objective in pursuit of increasing bottom line value and generating free cash flow. ...
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Is Fyorin a Bank?

In the dynamic world of finance, Fyorin stands out with its unique approach. While we provide SMBs...

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Where Virtual Beats Plastic: The Role of Virtual Cards in Fraud Prevention

With the growth of digital payments in the B2B space has come an increase in fraud risks,...

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How Fleet Fueling Cards Can Improve Your Business's Bottom Line

With heightened industry competition and rampant economic volatility, controlling costs has never...

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The CFO's Toolbox: Virtual Cards for Streamlined Financial Operations

As a CFO, you need to constantly look out for new, innovative solutions to meet the efficiency and...

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How to successfully automate your financial operations

Without a doubt, finance automation is revolutionising the way businesses handle their financial...

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Unlocking Financial Success: The Power of Automation in Finance

Automation is emerging as a game-changer for the world of finance. The cloud accounting revolution...

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Shrink your tech stack - save money and improve efficiency

As summer is drawing to close and we’re settling back to our routines it may be a perfect time to...

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