Fyorin and Buddy.hr Partner for New Salary Payment Service


A lack of batch payment functionality among Malta banks has been a business gap that we, Fyorin, and our new partner, Buddy.hr "Malta's Easiest Payroll Solution" have teamed up to close.

We are proud to announce the launch of a new digital salary payment service in Malta, designed to

  • facilitate faster business banking for companies and financial institutions,

  • allowing users to cut costs and

  • manage spending by using virtual cards while enhancing security, eliminating costly mistakes, and reducing work for employees.

For the first time, employees will be able to receive salary payments within minutes.

The solution also gives employers a payment status for each salary payment, creating flexibility that allows the system to flag issues without stopping payments for other staff members. 

By creating inroads between various financial institutions worldwide, Fyorin and Buddy will also serve small banks in Europe looking to offer a better and more holistic solution to their corporate clients. We are excited to roll out our product across Europe and help businesses streamline their financial operations.

Businesses can connect their Buddy Payroll account to Fyorin through their cloud payroll account, taking less than a minute to set up and allowing immediate access to begin issuing payments.

“It is not the first time employers may have generated and uploaded the wrong bank transfer file in their banking system. Unfortunately, Malta’s biggest banks still fail to correctly validate the amounts contained within bank files to the amount input by the user. The integration with Fyorin eliminates this problem completely and provides a more secure experience.”

Jonathan Mifsud, Buddy’s Co-Founder and CTO

In addition, the integration with Fyorin allows users to benefit from additional financial products to help them lower monthly subscription costs and control employee spending through virtual cards, earning cash back on every card purchase.

Automated payables through their preferred accounting platform allow them to perform payouts in different currencies and remain in the platforms they're familiar with. They may also connect their existing bank accounts to Fyorin, giving them a 360-degree view of their cash position from a single dashboard. 

Here is a demo of how the system works:


The integration between www.Fyorin.com and www.buddy.hr is a win-win for businesses looking to streamline their payroll process while automating their financial operations by taking advantage of Fyorin's financial products. Both companies are excited to see the positive impact this integration will bring to the business community.

Contact Buddy.hr or Fyorin team today to start saving time and eliminate your exposure to costly mistakes against your greatest asset: your employees.


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