Fyorin Wins Third Place at Pitchora 2021


We are pleased to announce that Fyorin won third place at Pitchora 2021. This is a great honour for us as we establish ourselves as the leading proprietary B2B fintech technology brand. Pitchora is a start-up competition that offers a platform for innovative, creative and disruptive start-ups to showcase their value proposition.

A Valuable Win

Fyorin was among 42 applicants for the Pitchora competition. Only 10 were selected to move forward to the next phase, where we had to pitch our offerings before an expert panel of judges. The top 3 winners will receive seed funding and other benefits, including a 6-month incubator program. The competition also was a great opportunity to connect with premier business networks and players, along with other avenues of monetary and non-monetary support from professionals.

In the words of Pitchora’s organisers, Fyorin emerged as “the ultimate start-up for business banking solutions driven by artificial intelligence.”

The One-Stop Business Banking Solution

Participating in the start-up competition gave Fyorin a brilliant opportunity to demonstrate our value proposition before the world. We were able to aptly showcase how our financial platform offer a frictionless, flexible and economical ecosystem for business banking. Our solution, tailored to each SME’s individual business needs, help eliminate the complexities of legacy business banking processes, while easing financial management for SMEs.

Fyorin’s technology solutions offer:

  • A simple, direct interface that can be easily operated without any complex technical knowledge.
  • Time and resource efficiency, focused specifically to eliminate common challenges faced by SMEs.
  • Comprehensive, reliable solutions for the finance departments of all types of businesses.
  • Constant innovation and updates to our proprietary technology
  • Tailored solutions, where SMEs can choose the features that best fit their needs.

When SMEs choose our proprietary financial platform, they gain access to an improved yet simplified reconciliation process, along with a one-time compliance solution. Artificial intelligence powers businesses with guidance on how to make transactions more cost-effective and profitable. The aim is to ease business banking.

Features that Set Us Apart

Headquartered in Malta, our rapidly expanding network of tier-1 banking institutions and financial partners now covers major economies across Europe and Southeast Asia. Fyorin’s network now also spans across the USA and Australia.

“This exponential expansion has been fueled by our credible and robust technology solutions, backed by our vast experience in the payments, tech and fintech space. This experience gives us deep insights into the challenges faced by our clients and how to overcome them in the most streamlined way possible” commented CEO James Camilleri.

Some of our key features for SMEs, accounting firms and financial institutions include:

 Quick and Simple Business Account Opening

SMEs can open a business account within minutes to send and receive payments in more than 41 different currencies. The account also allows them to create multiple virtual IBANS under their business’ name, eliminating the need for multiple bank accounts. The reconciliation process becomes smooth and seamless, while SMEs gain the flexibility to segregate funds based on their business needs.

 Virtual Debit Card

When SMEs use a virtual debit cards for online purchases, they earn rebates. We offer the freedom to create a one-time or multi-spend virtual card to help businesses save on online payment costs.

 Reconciliation Tools

With real-time reconciliation tools, month-end reconciliations no longer need to be a complex, tedious process.

 Automated Payment Approvals

Businesses can choose to automate their payments approval process by setting up multiple roles and permissions within their organization. This will help speed up the payment approval process while eliminating operational overheads.

Being recognised as an innovative and disruptive force in the fintech sector has fueled our commitment to become a global leader in business banking solutions.

Technology and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. Contact our team to learn more.

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